Category Management

We take a structured approach to procurement by means of category management, comprising three category teams: People, Place and Professional.  The category teams specialise in, and manage those categories across the STAR Councils.  They are supported by a Development Team and Procurement Business Partners. 

Current Pipeline reports

Trafford Pipeline

Stockport Pipeline

Rochdale Pipeline

Tameside Pipeline


The People team lead the procurement of contracts that help or support the public, these include:

  • adults & children’s services
  • public health
  • education
  • leisure

The People category also work with other agencies to deliver ‘one stop’ shop support to everyone who lives in the STAR Council boroughs.

The People Category Strategy.


The Place team lead the procurement of contracts that impact on the ‘built’ environment, this includes a wide range of services, such as;

  • provision, maintenance and disposal (demolition) of buildings
  • repair and maintenance of roads, pavements and landscaped areas
  • domestic, business and public area waste management
  • traffic management and other highways services
  • fleet management and maintenance
  • crematoria / funeral services 

The Place Category Strategy.


The Professional team lead the procurement of contracts that are ‘back office’ services within the Councils. These contracts include a range of areas:

  • stationery
  • ICT requirements
  • cleaning & facilities management
  • HR and legal services
  • design and print solutions
  • utilities
  • mailroom/ postage services
  • training
  • consultancy services

The Professional Category Strategy.

Procurement Business Partners

The Procurement Business Partners directly manage STAR Procurement’s relationship with its partners/customers, including:

  • collaborative relationships between STAR and its partners
  • leading SLAs with customers and leading multi-partner procurement activity
  • leading training and development to STAR team, Partners, customers and wider stakeholders
  • Supporting integration of new partners, including embedding practices and procedures

Development Team

The Development Team is the ‘back of house’ support to the wider STAR Procurement team. They have a wide variety of tasks including:

  • managing the STAR website and social media accounts
  • responding to freedom of information requests
  • producing transparency data for the STAR Councils to publish
  • producing performance reports for internal, STAR Joint Committee and STAR Board use
  • maintaining the STAR Quality Management System
  • audit of processes

View the STAR Structure to find contact information for each member of the STAR Procurement team.