Star Staff Survey Results 2018

How many organisations are brave enough to ask their staff what they really think of the organisation they work for?  STAR considers this to be a fundamental barometer of how the organisation is performing and is a key to understanding the level of engagement, motivation and support within its team of talented procurement professionals.  We celebrated our 4th birthday last month and conducted our third annual staff survey.

This year’s results were the best yet! 97% of responses agreed or strongly agreed with a series of statements which carry over from one survey to the next (rather than neutral/disagree).  Compare this to our last survey in February 2017, where 81% of responses were positive.  Wasn’t it Tuckman who aligned any new organisation / team formation to a process of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing?  Over the past four years we’ve witnessed the expected process of forming, the storming and the norming … and in the last 12 months we’ve certainly experienced the performing … which our annual survey bears out, STAR is going from strength to strength!

We are brave enough to include two free-text questions in our annual survey – “what is the best thing about working for STAR?” and “if you could change one thing about STAR, what would it be?”  The overwhelming responses to the first question this year was “The team” and to the second, was “nothing”.  It just goes to show how important the team is, and how their engagement, motivation and contribution directly impacts on the performance of the organisation.  Can’t say fairer than that!

Posted on Thursday 5th April 2018