STAR Staff Survey 2019

STAR conducts a staff survey every year to see how engaged and supported our team feel and so we can respond to suggestions as we believe that valuing our staff is crucial to our performance.

This year with the expansion of STAR to now include Tameside Council we have seen the team grow adding 6 new staff members and many existing staff now have new positions which will drive us forward to achieve some really exciting goals!

The survey showed overwhelmingly positive responses to a series of 19 statements with 89% agreeing or strongly agreeing with them. We also have two free text questions “What is the best thing about working for STAR?” and “If you could change one thing about STAR, what would it be?” The most common response to the first question was, ”The team” and referenced how vibrant a place STAR is to work. The most common response to the second question was “Nothing” but there were also some useful suggestions and ideas which we can consider.

So there you are, one of the not so secret tools to our success - the staff survey!

Posted on Wednesday 26th June 2019