Laptop Lending Scheme

 Young lady posing with laptop in front of bookshelves full of books

What was the project?

Trafford Council launched the laptop lending scheme in March 2021 via Trafford Libraries to begin to address the digital inequalities that exist across the borough.

This was funded via the Adult Education Budget (AEB) to enable the city-regions residents to develop the skills they need for life and work.

The emphasis on access to devices and digital skills has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and will only become more important as there is a push forward to Recovery.

Trafford Council had a number of laptops donated and wanted to offer these to people in the community who were without an internet connection through a pre-loaded data SIM card or dongle. STAR were approached to see if any of the Trafford Council ICT Contracts had a social value commitment that could be diverted to support this project.

This scheme is in line with Andy Burnham’s ambitious commitments to address digital exclusion in Greater Manchester but it is also a part of Trafford’s long term ambition to provide every resident with access to a device and an internet connection, should they wish.


Through two Trafford ICT contracts, STAR were able to confirm funding to the value of £1,500, which will enable Trafford Council to purchase sim cards and dongles for the donated laptops.

OSMIS committed to donations or in-kind contributions to local community projects to the value of £1,000.

Risual committed to donating £500 of money or equipment to local VCSEs

Project Team

Trafford Council: Holly Wade, Digital Champion & Volunteer Coordinator
STAR Procurement: Sammy Power, Category Manager

Lessons Learned

This project demonstrated that Social Value commitments can be used flexibly to support innovative, community based schemes.


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